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the real hero this season


the real hero this season

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the first text post meme i made was mostly humorous and then i slipped in some harumako toward the end but then i thought 'why not make one completely about harumako' so here it is

ALSO i am so saddened by all of this recent angst and i know a lot of others are too so pls use these snapshots of haru being madly in love with makoto to soothe ur hearts

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natasha romanoff + tumblr wanting a black widow movie.

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Claire Redfield gifspam ⇢ Resident Evil Degeneration [Pᴀʀᴛ 8]


i hope natalie dormer’s parents know how well they did

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season two // season six

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Rant about Tezuka Kunimitsu




I think I’m the only one in the fandom who doesn’t like Tezuka.

I must be missing something here, so let me explain my view briefly and then please respond with why this guy deserves my admiration.  I’m serious here, he’s the only one I don’t like.

As I’ve mentioned before, he seems to have the emotional capacity of a potato.  Yes, I’ve seen him “smile.” And I’ve seen him frown, but when has he ever really shown excitement (even just once??) or any other emotion besides determination?  Also his determination seems so blind to me.  How dumb do you have to be to ruin your arm knowing you’re going to lose anyway?

Why is he always right?  Like ALWAYS.  He’s never wrong.  About anything.  Whatever Tezuka says is the law.  Okay, I don’t really like it, but it’s cool as long as I get some idea of WHY he makes the decisions he does.  And I don’t want some third person narrative from Oishi on the sidelines talking him up with admiration that I don’t feel for him myself.  I have no idea what goes on in Tezuka’s mind at all and it bothers me.

I actually felt very neutral toward Tezuka until one particular scene in which Chitose asked him to congratulate Miyuki on winning her tournament or something and Tezuka immediately responded with “No.”  WITHOUT AN EXPLANATION!! WHY ARE YOU SO RUDE!?  Then later he DOES go congratulate her but I don’t get it at all.  What was the point of being a jerk and refusing in the first place?  And why does he continue to play even when his arm is going to be ruined and he’s going to lose anyway (like in match with Atobe)?

Did I mention no expression on his face ever.

I understand the stoic character type, really I do.  But they can’t be so impassable… so… unmovable… so PILLAR-ISH ALL. THE. TIME.

It also irritates me that all the team members look up to him while I have failed to see the reason why other than the fact that he’s good at tennis and plays until he literally cannot move his arm anymore.

This all sounds very harsh, but please PLEASE prove me wrong with evidence because I honestly want to like this guy.

tl;dr — what makes tezuka such hot stuff among everyone on the planet except me?

Tezuka is my favorite character so I may be bias, I apologize in advance. 

You know I really must be a masochist for liking Tezuka not because of his “almost perfect” image but because of his flaws and stubbornness?? I mean, sure, captain of the tennis club, president of the class, president of the student council, sURE. But he’s also… ah, whats the word.. pathetic??  As much as I hate to use the word, I think it’s necessary to define (some of) the situation(s)

When Tezuka used his right hand to play matches against his senpais, and they found out that he is actually left handed, they hit him using a tennis racket. Tezuka wanted to quit, but he didn’t. He didn’t because? he stayed for  what? for who? For Oishi — who said he would quit too if Tezuka did. Tezuka did not, he knew how much Oishi loved tennis, and how much his friend cares for seigaku, since they were still in first year up to now. He stayed because Yamato asked him to become seigaku’s pillar of support and he promised to take seigaku to nationals. But was it even shown that he did something for himself?? Even going to Germany to recover, he only had one thing in mind: when returns, he’ll go to Nationals with Seigaku. Just like he promised. 

  • Seigaku vs. Hyotei  aka as why the fuck would you risk your arm when you are clearly losing you may never be able to play tennis again - Determined, selfless, and maybe even reckless — that’s what Tezuka is. He respected Atobe and his skills. Maybe, for the both of them, he thought, that always, most of the time, they always get the easy win. Im not sure if you watch Kuroko no Basuke (Aomine Daiki) or Chihayafuru (Wakamiya Shinobu) but.. no matter how great you are, no matter how you’re always the man at the top,  no matter how good you are at something, you still want to be constantly challenged. You want to find your equal, your rival that pushes you to work harder. It’s lonely at the top. So Tezuka probably wanted to give Atobe a great match — and Atobe acknowledged Tezuka’s effort. 
  • Tezuka never breaks promises. When he was hit by a racket by his senpais, he still played a match with Fuji. When he promised  he would take seigaku to nationals, he felt that he can’t do that if he can’t even risk his arm during a match. Also, if I remember correctly, the last match was between Echizen and Hiyoshi?  Maybe, just maybe, Tezuka tried to win that match against Atobe because he didnt want to put the pressure on Echizen’s shoulders — he didnt want him to be like him, carrying all the responsibilities on his own.  
  • It is implied that Tezuka sees his first-year-self in Echizen and tries to help him the best way that he can. He wants Echizen to be the kind of “pillar” what won’t have to suffer so much because he has to carry everything on his own. One, He asked coach Ryuzaki to let him play against Ryoma because he noticed that Ryoma is only copying his father’s tennis. Tezuka wanted to change that — he wanted Echizen to play tennis using his own skills. He wanted Echizen to be Seigaku’s pillar of support because he sees so much potential in him, and he didnt want him to play  tennis just for the sake of improving and being strong enough to beat his father in a match someday. He wanted to give Echizen a much fulfilling goal — to take seigaku to nationals. 
  • Though Tezuka may seem rude and cold, he doesn’t do or say things that doesnt help others. I don’t know about Chitose but WOW REMEMBER THAT TIME HE SLAPPED ECHIZEN BC THE LITTLE SHIT DIDNT WANT TO GO HOME AND WANTED TO KEEP PLAYING AGAINST KEVIN??? yeah he might have gone too far bUT!! as what i’ve mentioned, Tezuka sees his old self in Ryoma. He didnt want the rookie to get injured bc of his stubbornness. And I sure as hell would prefer getting slapped any time of the day than getting injured by playing in an UNOFFICIAL MATCH against another foreign little shit. When Echizen couldnt decide whether he should go to the nationals  with seigaku or participate in U.S. open, Tezuka also helped him by saying that “no matter where he goes, he will always be the pillar of seigaku” 
  • Tezuka doesnt only look after the regulars but also the after people from other teams and the ichinen trio and other non regulars. When he was about to leave for Germany, he talked to the ichinen trio and gave them some advise. He also never looked down on the non regulars; during practice matches, he never held back and played a fair game, giving his full effort. 
  • Sure, he has it all: people look up to him, coaches from other team respect him, face, brain, position, sure, he has it all. But does he really??? He had his whole middle school life that he could have enjoyed with his friends but instead he has to be in the student council room, has to study, has to train harder than everyone else. Oishi formed golden pair with Eiji. Fuji had Eiji and Taka. Kaidoh had Momo as a rival, and Inui for doubles. Even Echizen who only plays singles, an anti-social, a new comer, had Momo. Tezuka had responsibilities. He had to be strict to be taken seriously. 

As for the stoic part, Tezuka hangs out with his grandfather a lot??? 

i just

I just think that he has worked so hard and sacrificed so much and everyone acknowledges that. I don’t think seigaku or other teams look up to him just because he is good in tennis — it’s because of who he is as a person and a player. His hard work, his determination, his sacrifices. I think that he is really deserving of every single praise that he gets.  


^^^ All of this. I also like to believe he has a form of autism, so he has trouble showing his emotions and come off as cold.
And in the manga (not sure how that was in the anime) instead of going to Germany, he goes to Seihun Academy Surgical in Kyushu.
Manga spoilers follow

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this is very important

link to watch it online

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Final Fantasy Meme - seven relationships » Yuna and Tidus {1.7}

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Life After The Golden Globes
In this mockumentary, the cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine talks about the tumultuous life on set after they won a Golden Globe for Best Comedy Series. Egos are out of control!

[About winning an Emmy]

"Someone like Felicity from Arrow, very green, would crap her pants…"

OMFG, Andy actually said that ahahahahaha (2:20)

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